Climb this while you wait for snow

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Climb this while you wait for snow

Postby barstar » Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:06 am

Jug Haul Wall

Fun juggy climbing that is unlike other areas in SLC. The rock is a weird love child of limestone, pebbles, and welded tuff that has some cool tufa-esque rails and features.

These are fresh routes so wear a helmet and use the community brush at the base to leave holds a bit cleaner for the next person. Bolts are long, fat, and frequently placed. Dogs are allowed at this crag.

Park 1.1 miles up from the entry station of MILLCREEK CANYON. There is room to park on either side of the road. Walk north into forest clearing toward a low boulder and find a path marked by fallen branches that switchbacks a few times up through the trees and will take you to the base of the routes. Save the next guy an ass dab and toss stones that roll or slide under foot off the trail.

Jug Haul Wall is south facing and enjoys nice winter climbing conditions as long as it's partly sunny and over 40 degrees in SLC.

(R - L)
Viva la France. (Fuck those Isis bastards)
5.8 12 bolts and anchors
Pic: Right skyline. Starts at bush in lower right tops out above big hole at the top.

Sassy Sister Slim
5.10- 11 bolts and anchors
(start at two red hangers)
Pic: generally climbs vertically across left angling line of holds

Brave Brother Badass the Benevolent
5.11- 6 bolts and anchors
(Starts on ledge)
Pic: starts on ledge near cave and climbs through overhang


Let me know what you think.

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Re: Climb this while you wait for snow

Postby boissal » Tue Dec 08, 2015 9:49 am

Hell yeah!! Shaft was being enigmatic about this new choss paradise but had good things to say. I hope it climbs at least as well as the Rattlehorn or the Toweritas!
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Re: Climb this while you wait for snow

Postby barstar » Wed Dec 09, 2015 5:22 pm

Definitely it does. I feel that all the places I go are worth a day or two of climbing, especially if you have a pooch. . .

Begin shameless crag promotion

Cirque of the Toweritas
-Training for Ancient Art
-the title of first nude ascent (fna) of all Toweritas has yet to be claimed...

The Rattlehorn
-training for shoreline crag or maple or echo or 2nd left hand canyon or shinobe/parowan gap or (insert name of cobble place; it's all the same just some cliffs are closer to home than others).
-second pitch rattle roulette
-bicycle approaches are fun

This is the Choss, a Choss Climbing Park
-training for big routes of varying quality
-best insecure frictionless slab climbing with old school bolt spacing within Salt Lake City limits
-Good place to take a fog horn and scare road bikers

Air to Spare
-5 pitches with a pleasant view of the lake
-nice BASE jumping hurdle (Ammon flies over the route about 1:41-1:46)

Jug Haul Wall
-training for east hellgate or Thailand
-sun glorious sun
-hand jam tufa stem stem stem

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Re: Climb this while you wait for snow

Postby tanderson » Fri Dec 11, 2015 10:17 am

Possible virgin summit on the block in the upper right of the photo. go get it!

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