Skiers in the news

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Skiers in the news

Postby Tenesmus » Thu May 12, 2011 6:04 am
Is that Zac at 43 seconds?

Oh, and apparently KSL's measuring stick is the Church Office Building? Who knew.

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Not Zac no...

Postby boissal » Thu May 12, 2011 8:46 am

Fuck... Vibes to both of them and hope they recover fast.
This will have been the year for icy conditions in the wasnatch, even with 800000000" of snow. Having seen two solid skiers take a ride on ice and coming real close to going for it myself I can echo what Kim was saying - you feel like you're going to die and there's absolutely nothing to do about it, esp. if the axe is gone. Good thing there's still a number of people out and about and they were in a more traveled area.

edit: more info on the UAC website. NW of the Pfeiff, thank jeebus that thing is filled to the gills this season and the cliff below the choke is almost gone.
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Re: Skiers in the news

Postby zacrobinson » Thu May 12, 2011 9:11 am

Thanks, but I don't ski enough to ski with cute girls.

Thanks to Tyson for helping out. They were lucky to have a resource like that out there for them.
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Re: Skiers in the news

Postby Brian in SLC » Thu May 12, 2011 8:15 pm

Yeah, pretty damn fortunate both Tyson and Quino were up there. Had there been no one around...I shudder to think...

Both have had surgury, and, Jewell is still in ICU and not out of the woods. Good thoughts sent that way for sure.

Heavy heavy heavy sigh....
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