Go have a chat with your friends.

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Go have a chat with your friends.

Postby price1869 » Wed Jan 15, 2014 9:53 pm

Click this link: https://www.facebook.com/browse/friended_fans_of/?page_id=335513333229054

See who's on the list.

Give them a heads up as to what(who) they "like".
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Re: Go have a chat with your friends.

Postby boissal » Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:32 am

Little Cottonwood Rock Climbing, 1317 likes. How well done, I imagine the TC Rock Climbing group would be less successful...

Frankly, while I understand the desire to bury the hatchet with him and avoid the shitshows of years past, it looks more like what's being buried are heads in the sand. He's not a rational person, he's not going to go back to being a respectful user of our shared resources (the choss). He's publishing guidebooks and internet posts featuring stolen pictures, he's guiding illegally on private land, he went from being a staunch ethics advocate to plugging in convenience anchors all over the place for the purpose of his business, and he's introducing a number of beginners to the sport, thereby transmitting his distorted vision of "ethics" to a whole new group of climbers (and in case you think I exaggerate, he's been seen climbing at the Gate with the drill and at least 2 different very green partners on a number of occasions, said green partners being extremely impressed and excited at the prospect of drilling bolts with TC; let's hope they don't make it into a habit).

The end result of this isn't going to be good for the "climbing community". It can't imagine it will take long for a distorted account of his actions to reach the ears of someone at the FS or the Church. It will then climb the ladder and reach someone who doesn't have time to look into the details but has the ability to bury the whole area under a very restrictive policy in the name of an almighty legal construct (liability if it's the Church, land-use regulation for the FS, you name it).

I think this might be a great issue to tackle for a local climbers advocacy group. Or we can all like a page on Facebook and quietly grumble about the new bolts. I'm sure it will escalate to full-size bitching when all granite lovers are forced to climb on quartzite (gasp!) or worse, Ferguson, Parleys or even City Creek choss because the go-to roadside attraction sports a brand new barbed wire fence.
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Re: Go have a chat with your friends.

Postby triznut » Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:45 pm

Well said Boissal!!!

I really hope our local climbers advocacy group will make this their number 1 priority for 2014...
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