Nevada Wilderness Bill would set dangerous precedent

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Nevada Wilderness Bill would set dangerous precedent

Postby Dave Budge » Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:56 am

Down in southern Nevada, the National Park Service is talking about removing fixed anchors in the Christmas Tree Pass area. Yeah, I know, I haven't climbed there either. However, the implications could be huge for places like Salt Lake City with fixed anchors in the wilderness. They are talking about removing existing anchors. Most of you know what that would mean to our local climbing. This precedent could be disastrous.

I'm all for wilderness and climbing is, admittedly, pretty selfish. However, I think we can reach a compromise position that allows fixed anchors in wilderness. The Access Fund has worked hard to find the common ground.

Here is the Alpinist article with some information.

Here is the Access Fund's position page on the issue.
The discussion of fixed anchors begins on page 8.

Here is the National Park Service page with the actual plan.

Here is the NPS page where you can add your comments.

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