Help Fund my Humanitarian Work in Kenya (gear for sale)....

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Help Fund my Humanitarian Work in Kenya (gear for sale)....

Postby builttospill » Thu Jan 21, 2010 2:45 pm

So, this may seem a bit strange, but bear with me here.....the short story is that I'm trying to raise money to pay for my airfare and living expenses to go to Kenya to work for a nonprofit (a local outfit in South Jordan). If anybody here wants this gear, just let me know and we can work out a time to meet up someplace. I'll entertain offers from utahclimbers folks. I can also ship stuff. Here's the significantly longer version of the story.....

I just graduated with a bachelor's degree and am entering a graduate program in September, where I'll be studying international development (comparative political economy specifically). In an effort to get some work experience in this very-difficult-to-enter field, and because I have some time between now and when my graduate program starts in September, I have been working with an organization here in Utah called Choice Humanitarian. They conduct village-level development in rural areas of Bolivia, Guatemala, Kenya, Nepal, Vietnam and Mexico.

They have asked me to go to Kenya and assist their in-country staff for a few months. While there, I would be undertaking an independent evaluation of their work in Kenya, to determine whether their model of village-level development works, is sustainable in the medium-term, and is more effective than other nonprofit and governmental programs in the area. I'll be designing the evaluation methodology and implementing it. I'll also be helping their staff transfer their historical files into their new online database and training staff members on how to use the database more effectively. I'm sure we will also participate in some of the ongoing projects in villages, which in recent years have included installation of water catchment systems, building square-foot gardens for families, building schools, expanding schools, forming the Mariakani dairy cooperative with over 400 farmers participating, and many others. All projects are undertaken with the intimate involvement of village leadership, so that they can continue the development process after Choice has moved into new villages.

Choice's resources for interns are limited, however. I'll be volunteering my time, and have been asked to pay a portion of the expenses of the trip. With airfare and in-country living expenses, I expect that I will be responsible for around $1,500 in costs. Thus, I am selling any gear and books I have that I don't use regularly.

Every dollar earned from these items will go toward my expenses getting to and living in Kenya--by extension you'll be assisting a nonprofit organization extend their limited resources a bit further. Cash donations are also welcome, as are frequent flyer miles if you happen to have a lot. If you would prefer to donate directly to Choice Humanitarian on my behalf (with funds ear-marked for my expenses, but being funnelled through a bona-fide 501(c)(3) organization rather than an individual), please let me know and I will put you in touch with their director of operations.

More information about Choice is available here:
Kenya Chapter Blog:

I can also provide further information about my background or anything else you'd like to know via PM or email. Thanks for looking!

All of this stuff is going on eBay in a day or two, but I figured I'd offer it here first. Local buyers can pick it up with no shipping cost, or we can arrange to meet somewhere in SLC or Provo/Orem. Email or PM me here. Here is what I've got to sell (some of this has been on here before, but most is newly listed):

Trango Alpine Equalizer (used 1-2 times, never withstood any sort of force). Looks new. $20.

3 Yates Aid Screamers. Never deployed (obviously). For specs on these, let me know, or go to the Yates website. They are NOT a full-strength runner once deployed (I believe the runner is only rated to ~7 KN once deployed). They should be backed up with a full strength runner for free-climbing uses. $10 each. Or buy all 3 for $26 and the shipping is on me.


Petzl Quark Replacement Adze. Never used, has a few cosmetic scratches. Retails for $50. $20.

Cava Runout Climbing Shoes, size 11.5. These were just barely too big for me. I wore them for ~45 minutes in the gym. I wear a 10.5 street shoe, for reference. $35.

Used Wild Country ATC Belay Device. A little wear, but mostly fine. I used it for several days. $5.

Two Mammut Dyneema Slings, 24 inch (standard length), 8mm. The little thin ones. These have never even been racked. I bought like 15, but I never carry more than 10, and I don't need 5 extras lying around just in case I use one or two to bail off a climb. These are ultra-light. These are normally $9.50 each at REI and elsewhere. $11 for both.


Brand New Petzl Reverso (not the new style). This is the kind before they re-made them to look more like the BD ATC-Guide. This is a great autoblock device, and I see lots of people using them. If you need specs, let me know. $15.


Petzl ReversINO. Also brand new, this was Petzl's device for thinner single ropes and for ultra-thin doubles/twins. Great for multipitch and alpine climbing. $15.


3 Wild Country Forged Friends. I've got a #1 and 2 #2's. They all work great. No visible lobe wear, smooth action, I've never fallen on them (they did have a previous owner, but none of them appear to have even been used more than a day or two, to be honest). I just don't need doubles, but these would be good for starting a cheap trad rack, or starting a cheap doubles set. $18 each. Or take all three for $50.




Women's Columbia Coat, XS, Black, Titanium-style. $55 for the coat. Worn once, just doesn't fit my girlfriend right. Good ski coat or for around-town. Surely someone here has a girlfriend or wife (or daughter) that this will fit....



Books (will ship each for $2, but otherwise we can just meet up):
Rock Climbs of Southwest Utah and the Arizona Strip by Todd Goss $5

Alps 4000 by Martin Moran

Wind River Trails by Finis Mitchell $4

A Climber's Guide to the Teton Range (the old-school, thin version), by Leigh Ortenburger. Not as comprehensive as the big, new edition, but a lot lighter and a lot cheaper. Includes almost all of the moderate classics. Could be a collectible itself someday, who knows? $5

Wasatch Rock Climbs, by Les Ellison and Brian Smoot. Own a part of Utah climbing history. The 1984 edition (well before the Ruckmans). Binding is getting a bit used. $4

Western Uinta Backcountry Guide, by our very own Scott Patterson. $4

Wasatch Winter Trails by John Veranth $4

American Alpine Journal, 2008 (Volume 50, Issue 82). Lots of good stuff in this one (Torre Traverse, Steve House in Pakistan, Jonny Copp, some guy soloing big walls in the Paine Towers). $8

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