Maple Canyon Warning


On Friday, September 17th, a homemade bomb was discovered in an latrine near campsite number six. The device was placed next to and behind the toilet seat. The local rangers and sheriff are investigating. No word yet on motives or the destructive capacity of the device. Based on what little information we have received it sounds like the device was an “acid bomb”. Instructions for making these bombs are common on the Internet. Luckily, the Maple Canyon rangers cleaning the latrine had been educated on the existence of these devices and identified the threat. A hazardous materials team safely removed the device.

These bottle bombs can be any size sealed plastic or glass bottle and often have aluminum foil or handwarmers inside to catalyze a chemical reaction. Generally they must be shaken or agitated to explode.

If you see a suspicious device:

  1. Do not disturb the device
  2. Keep your distance
  3. Attempt to keep others out of the area
  4. Contact the Sanpete County Sheriff at 435-835-2345
  5. Contact the Sanpete Ranger District at 435-283-4151

Be safe out there!

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