U of U Outdoor Rec/Wasatch History project

Fred Beckey belays Rick Reese on the FA of the triple overhangs - lone peak

The American West Center at the U of U seeks Salt Lake climbers to interview.

The American West Center at the University of Utah (http://www.amwest.utah.edu/) is currently seeking interviews with climbers from the Greater Salt Lake Area.

These interviews will be part of the Outdoor Recreation Oral History Project, archived in Special Collections at the Marriott Library (University of Utah).

The stories gathered by the project will help researchers in fields such as environmental studies, cultural history, and geography. But most importantly, it is an opportunity for YOU to tell your story!

The interviews are informal with no “agenda”, or any specific set of questions that must be answered. The direction of the interview will be dictated by what you want to talk about. The interviews take about one to two hours and can be done anywhere that is convenient for you. Once the interview is completed, it will be transcribed and archived for future generations to read. This is a remarkable opportunity to share your unique story with people from all walks of life!

If you are interested in telling your story, or just have questions about the project, please email John Worsencroft of the American West Center at rugbyguy16 -A T- hotmail.com.

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