Help needed for SLCA crag day preparations, Thursday October 9th

When: Thursday, October 9th
Time: 8-9 AM until it’s done
Where: Little Cottonwood, WMC Pavilion, the swamp

The SLCA needs your help!

The WMC pavilion at the bog needs graffiti removal and general clean-up so that it can be used for the raffle and after-party for the SLCA crag day on Saturday.

I have committed to the SLCA that people that participate here and climb in LCC will help out. Again, it is time to step it up and participate!

Jonathan, Mike (monkey), and Clay (tenesmus) have volunteered so far. The more volunteers the better. Help make the crag day a successful event.

The bog boulder area always needs help, and the shack too. The landowner of the pavilion (and a lot more LCC land) has been friendly to climbers and this will help keep the SLCA and climbers credible in his eyes.

We need a minimum of 10 people……

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