More info on Triassic

If you plan on going to Triassic, read this thread.

MB summarizes:

I just spoke to the President of the mining company, LiveEarth, and Russell Taylor, the person who first contacted Gorilla regarding Triassic. They are really nice guys, and are willing to continue to allow access out at Triassic. Their company mines humic acid, used for fertilizer and other products. From the sound of it the mining will not interfere with any of the climbing, as they are not interested in any areas where there is rock. I am going down next week to meet with them and figure out exactly where they will be mining, where we should start parking, etc. The main thing they are concerned about is liability and damage to their equipment. While under Utah law they are essentially shielded from liability with respect to any injuries on their property, they were somewhat concerned about “monkey wrench” tactics used on their equipment. We need to make sure and get the word out that any of this type of behavior from the climbing community would seriously threaten access to the area and is unacceptable.

The president of the company, David, could be interested in eventually selling or leasing the land. This may be something to explore further with the Access Fund and others. He seems like a great guy, and told me he has always been concerned with environmental stewardship in regards to his mining sites. He also mentioned that if we needed any work done on the roads down there he would be interested in helping out.

I will update the site on any further developments, particularly after I go meet with them next week. In the meantime, please try and get the word out as far as what is happening down there so no problems arise while we try and negotiate this delicate situation.

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